Uniting as a community to empower organizations to help families,
individuals and children live drug-free lives.

Cumberland County Rising

is a non-profit organization chartered in March of 2016. Cumberland County Rising was created exclusively for educational and charitable purposes specifically related to supporting the individuals and families in the community to maintain a drug free life as well as supporting those in need of a life change to become drug free. In order to be successful in this endeavor, we incorporate all facets and sectors of our community to participate and work as a whole for the betterment of the community. Each of the 12 sectors has a representative that receives information, gives input to the status of their peers, helps create programs and changes in their area of the community.

The 12 sectors are:

• Youth
• Parent
• Law Enforcement
• Civic & Volunteer Groups
• Business
• Healthcare Professionals
• Media
• Schools
• Youth Serving Organizations
• Religious & Fraternal Organizations
• State & Local Governments
• Other Prevention Programs

This project is funded under a grant contract with the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

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Cumberland County Rising meets each month to discuss action items of education, training, and visions for the future of Cumberland County. Every aspect of our community needs representation to win back our community.

Coalition Meetings:
1st Monday of each month at 4PM
(except July and December)
at the City Hall Building 4th Floor.
Everyone is welcome!

Cumberland County Rising-Anti-Drug Coalition is a vocal advocate for increasing the quality of life for families in the community as well as training and education for organizations to empower them to intervene on any level.

How You Can Help…
We would like to encourage you to support Cumberland County Rising by joining us as a volunteer, donator or allowing us to present materials and educate your organization

The vision for Cumberland County Rising is to be a community resource that is united and empowered in its efforts to support the development of emotionally healthy individuals and support families in the ability to live safe and drug-free.

Our Outreach team is ready to work on programs that will help those in need of rehabilitation options as well as anti-drug education to prevent use in the first place.